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Practice and Play Sessions!

Hello Baseball and Softball Families,

Our annual practice and play player development program is now accepting registrations. This program has been very popular in our community. The sessions are led by Kevin Wexler and Jason Wasserman and their Baseball and Softball Academy Staff. Players will focus on all components of baseball and softball for half the session and conclude with modified and developmentally appropriate games that are divided into age and skill levels. Please visit this link to learn additional information. Registration for this program has historically fiilled quickly and it is advised that you register early because once these sessions fill up, a wait list will form. If you have any questions, please call or email Kevin at wexball@yahoo.com, 585-752-6314.

Thank you,

by posted 09/24/2018


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Field Status
_Team Practice - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Ackley Field (Ford A) - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Allens Creek - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Barker Road - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Brighton, Varsity SB - Rochester TBD (11/18) 
Brighton, Varsity SB - Brighton TBD (11/18) 
Ellison Park 4 - Rochester TBD (11/18) 
ER #1 60-90 Practice - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
ER #2 Varsity Baseball - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
ER #3 Varsity Softball - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
ER #4 Instructional - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
ER Batting Cage - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
ER Practice Area - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
Eyer Park 1 - Baseball - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
Eyer Park 2 - Softball - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
Eyer Park 3 - Tee Ball - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
Eyer Park ALT - Baseball - East Rochester TBD (11/18) 
Farm View Park 1 - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Farm View Park 2 - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Farm View Park 3 - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Ford B - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Ford Practice - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker C - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker Cage - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker complex - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker D - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker Practice 1 - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker Practice 2 - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker Practice 3 - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Habecker Practice 4 - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Jefferson Road - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Kreag Rd - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Mendon Center - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Mendon Center Elementary - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
MHS JV - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
MHS Varsity - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
Park Road - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
SHS Varsity - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
SHS Varsity SB - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
SJ Fisher, Dugan Yard - Rochester  -- 
Smith E - Pittsford TBD (11/18) 
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