Microsoft Word file 2016 Coaches Handbook

Microsoft Word file 2016 Safety Guide

Microsoft Word file 2016 Spring Softball Rules

Microsoft Excel file 2018 PLL Rule Summary- Explains league specific rules, pitch counts and rest requirements for pitchers

Microsoft Word file Fielding Responsibilities- Visual companion to Managers hand book - diagrams for player placement

Microsoft Word file Fielding Responsibilities (8 and under)- Simplified player placement diagrams

Adobe PDF file First Aid *- A First Aid manual for baseball and softball

Adobe PDF file LL Rules Pertaining to Safety *- A 2-page summary from the LL rule book pertaining to safety issues.

Adobe PDF file 12 Year old Waiver *- Form for 12 year olds wishing to play in the less competitive AAA League than Majors

Adobe PDF file How to Register *- Step by step guide. Includes instructions and screenshots.

Adobe PDF file Residency Waiver *- Waiver for non-residents of Pittsford. Must be sent to the PLL President, PO Box 313, Pittsford NY 14534, or scanned to president@pittsfordlittleleague.org

Adobe PDF file Turf Time Waiver Form *- Waiver form for those who participate in programs at Turf Time.

Adobe PDF file "Big Al" Coaching Clinic *- A free coaching clinic, sponsored by District 4. For baseball and softball managers and coaches.

Adobe PDF file Umpire Training Presentation *- Your Responsibilities as an Umpire, PLL's Commitment to You, Jobs of the Umpire, Understanding the Rule Book, Common Myths of Little League, Managing a Game, Basics of the Game, Obstruction and Interference, Tag Plays & Interference, Infield Fly Rule, Other Issues, Differences in Softball, Live or Dead Ball?, Pay and Scheduling

Adobe PDF file 5 team Bracket *- 5 Team Double elimination seeded bracket

Adobe PDF file 6 Team Bracket *- 6 Team Double elimination seeded bracket

Adobe PDF file 7 team Bracket *- 7 Team Double elimination seeded bracket

Microsoft Excel file Field Usage from MultiSchedule- Master Schedule Field Usage Template - For use with MultiSchedule extract from League Athletics - Admin access not required

Microsoft Excel file Field Usage from Schedule Extract- Master Schedule Field Usage Template - for use with administrator-access Schedule CSV Extract

Microsoft Excel file Schedule Extract- Extract from 6/5/14, for use with Field Usage - open both in "My Documents" and update links. This file must be renamed or the link be renamed.

Microsoft Word file Summer 2014 9/10 Local- Tournament Info

Adobe PDF file 2014 Volunteer Application *- Mandatory application for coaches, managers, board members, and any one in contact with a child.

Adobe PDF file Accident Claim Form *- In case of injury at a practice or game, this form must be completed and sent to Dr. Frank Gigliotti, Pittsford Little League Medical Director.

Adobe PDF file Boundary map *- Official Pittsford LL Boundary map. See online map for an interactive version.

Adobe PDF file Boundary Map plus Extension *- 2009 extension of Boundary near Thruway

Adobe PDF file Little League Insurance *- What parents should know about Little League® insurance.

Adobe PDF file Medical Release Form *- Release form, filled in by parents and carried by the team manager

Adobe PDF file Scoreboard Remote (wired) *- Instructions for Ford B remote

Adobe PDF file Scoreboard Remote (wireless) *- For Ford A, Habecker C, D

Adobe PDF file Clix Photo Order Form 2018 *

Microsoft Word file District 4 Baseball Travel Rules: 2015

Adobe PDF file PittsfordLL2018.pdf *

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.